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What people are saying about MV Living Magazine:

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$210 for 6 issues (just $35 per month!) prepaid with no changes. Not guaranteed pickup location status.

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I like to support your  advertisers because I feel I am going to get quality for my money. It is a great magazine and I look forward to it monthly.
Wendy Bowers, Utica

It's like Black Friday here when the new issue comes out!
Char, Pete's Cornucopia, New Hartford

Best print advertising I've ever done! Some days everyone in my shop is because of MV Living-and they spend money!
Andy McEvoy, Paca Gardens, Little Falls

Thank you for all the attention your magazine has generated for my business!
John Lincoln-Lovely, Sticks N' Stones, Waterville

I just wanted to tell you that your magazine Mohawk Valley Living is  Outstanding! Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.
Chris Stelzer, Remsen

Please continue your excellent work of promoting the Mohawk Valley!  We are all grateful for what you do.
Karen and Aaron Bouchard, Fairfield

Many people come in to tell us they've seen our ad. And MVL is all  local, which is where our support lies. What could be better than that?
Bonnie Wood, Tom's Natural Foods, Clinton

We have so many customers that have said they came in because they saw  our ad. So happy for all the local information and local support. Thank  you MV Living!
Linda McHarris, Artisans' Corner, Clinton

Hooray, Atta Boy, Bouquets, and Amen...
Do I like your magazine "Mohawk Valley Living"?
Do MWPAI members like Art?
Yes, I do like your magazine! Yes, I am looking forward to the next issue. And did I say thank you?
Joan Herrmann, Prospect

Compliments to you and your staff for your creative magazine. The colors and stories are absolutely wonderful!
Linda Abraham, Clayville

This magazine will be an integral part in how people view the area.
Debra Richardson, Leaf, Loaf & Ladle, Utica

Response has been great - even better than the most popular restaurant guide we've used!
Tony Daou, Black Cat Cafe, Sharon Springs

Such great quality!
Leonore Mastrangelo, Utica

Now all the former residents and frequent  visitors want it! Thank you for publishing, my family loves it.
Janet Lallier, Dolgeville

You guys do such a great job! Really
great thing for the community.
Victor Lenuzza, Utica

I appreciate your magazine. Always interesting!
Dave Liddy, Camden

I can't wait to get my hands on this great magazine.
Bradford Paulson, Clinton

Thank you for publishing - my family loves it.
Janet Lallier, Dolgeville

I have saved all our issues since the beginning... couldn't part with any of them.
Jo Ann Flanagan, Westdale

One of my favorite shows
and now my favorite magazine!
Linda Glover, Utica

Thank you MVL and thank you for the online issues, too!
Sondra Bowers, Rome

Congratulations on the latest issue! Great articles, information, and lots of color! I just devoured it!
Kimberly Sypert

Compliments to you and your staff for your creative magazine. The colors and stories are absolutely wonderful!
Linda Abraham, Clayville

Keep up the GREAT work! Love you guys, always have!
Lorena C., Utica

I am collecting them all!
Happy customer at Heidelberg Bakery on receiving April issue

Even after living in the area for many years I love seeing and hearing about the places, people, events and food!
Sherri Bauer, New Hartford

I have learned more from your magazine in 6 months than I have in the 12 years I have lived here!
Michelle Bodensek, East Winfield

So excited that you added places in Boonville! Love your show and magazine.
Gail Hempel, Boonville

Are there scratch off tickets in these magazines?! People are so excited to get one.
Sales Rep, Steet-Ponte Ford

Packed with places to go, things to do, people to meet.
Tom Starr, Utica


Deadline is the15th of the month prior to publication on the 1st of each month. Due to the collectibility of each issue we do not accept coupons that are to be cut out.


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